THE IGNIS PROJECT // STAGE 1 / by Matt Dampney

The St Ignatius’ College Ignis Project will commence in December 2016 with the redevelopment of the Therry building.
The design facilitates learning while supporting pastoral care of our students and celebrating our Ignatian foundations. Containing new, porous spaces that blend natural light and flexible working areas for both students and teachers, the new Therry Building will offer the best facilities for the agile, interactive and collaborative learning environment of today and tomorrow.
Teaching capacity will increase from 14 to 24 learning areas, accommodating multiple formal and informal learning settings allowing for combined classes. All of this consistent with modern 21st century teaching approaches.
Six house areas ensure complementarity between teaching and pastoral care. Facilities for support, counseling, learning and socialising, provide a place to call home for every boy. And, in the Ignatian tradition of education it will facilitate and encourage reflection and action as part of the learning process.
Graphic and striking in form, the design follows an energy efficiency hierarchy, harnessing renewable energy and passive building systems to provide a comfortable and healthy learning environment.
Operational in 2018, the new Therry building marks the beginning of the Ignis Project, an exciting new era at Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview.