Our Commitment to WH&S

At Quasar, safety is non-negotiable.  The consistent development of proper attitudes towards health and safety for all engaged on Quasar projects is a paramount.  

Central to our daily routine, is our adherence to our strict WH&S protocols and benchmark safety policy. For the past 23 years, safety has been one of the core foundations to our success. We are committed to our robust WH&S program that protects our staff, sub-contractors, project stakeholders, and members of the public from accident or harm.

Our vision of construction site safety is represented by a single word – ZERO. For us, “ZERO” reflects our position that no accident is acceptable, and each accident is preventable. 

It is the belief at Quasar, that all injuries and work-related illnesses are preventable. With this in mind, our goal is to provide continuous improvement of our WH&S processes, ensuring the ongoing health and safety of our employees. Though simple in statement, the flow-on effect of our goal is of the greatest magnitude. This reflects our philosophy that has led Quasar to success in the past and will guarantee the same into the future. 

In the realm of health and safety, a constant and relentless pursuit of perfection (zero injuries or incidents) is our only accepted alternative. We trust in the abilities of our employees and those required to lead in a supervisory role. This trust, along with proper training and constant attention to detail, will ensure our continued safety success. It is this combination of experience and innovation that guarantees both the safety of Quasar employees, subcontractors and the future of our company.

All employees and subcontractors are expected to actively participate in all aspects of our WH&S safety program, including the compliance with all Statutory rules and regulations, and performing their duties in accordance with established job procedures and Quasar safe work practices.

Every individual on Quasar sites are held accountable and directly responsible for safety in and around site. By promoting safety awareness and leading by our benchmark standards, Quasar remains an industry leader in construction safety (as recognized by winning the 2015 MBA “Best Contribution to Safety” Award).

Safety Leadership: A company’s safety culture is as strong as it is deep. A Quasar the implementation of our WH&S program begins with the commitment of our senior management team and permeates through the organization with the empowerment of each project team member to place site safety above all else. 

Subcontractor Integration into Safety Culture: Integrating the subcontractor workforce into the Quasar safety culture, through project-specific induction programs and customized safety policies has ensured our sites and workplaces are de-risked and safe. 

Our full-time WH&S personnel consistently monitor all sites and subcontractors to ensure that all our policy is both articulated and enforced.

Safety also means adhering to environmental safety standards. Since we work with hazardous materials that could potentially be damaging to neighboring communities, we take our commitment to meeting and exceeding rules and regulations very seriously. You can be sure that we won’t just go the extra mile to ensure our own safety — we also do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our clients and the communities we serve.

A chain is only as long as its weakest link. So, at Quasar, we think safe, we think family, we think about the future.
— Tom Vagana, WH&S Manager.